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What is a Pool Bike? (aka Water Bike or Aqua Bike)

Thinking about adding an aqua bike to your pool to workout at home? Here's what you need to know.

Whether you've been building your home gym for years, or you're just getting into the idea of working out at home and in your pool, you'll feel the benefits of aqua cycling as soon as you make it a regular practice. A bike in the water is a different approach to fitness, for sure — here, we'll go over everything you need to know to help you decide whether aqua biking is a good fit for you.


What is a pool bike?

A pool bike is a bike specially designed for your pool. Just like a spin bike, you won't move around as you cycle, rather, you'll stay put and work out at your own pace. You can do your own program or if you would like a little more motivation,

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You don't need to be a swimmer to enjoy aqua biking — your bike is secure on the floor of the pool at all times, in water shallow enough for you to walk to your bike from the side of the pool.


What is aqua cycling?

The concept of aqua cycling is simple: when riding a bike while the lower two-thirds of your body is underwater, you'll push against the water resistance.You can experience12 times the resistance that you do when cycling in a normal environment.
Aqua cycling doesn't just work the legs. When you ride a bike underwater, you'll also get a chest, back, and core workout. If you normally struggle with range of motion due to tight tendons or muscles, you'll likely find that you're able to move more freely in the water. Many people experience an extended range of motion that allows them to get a better workout than they would riding a standard stationary bike.
While you'll work hard when you're riding an aqua bike, you'll be surprised at how far you're able to push yourself. The resistance of the water allows you to take your workout to the next level, and the lack of impact on your joints means that you'll have less muscle soreness be able to come back up for more, sooner than you would be able to if you did a typical out-of-water workout.

What are the benefits of a pool bike?

If you've endured an injury or just needed to take some time away from high-impact training, you may already know that water exercise can be powerful. Working out in water allows the muscles to work hard, with far less impact on the body than working out on dry land. Aqua biking allows for a high-intensity workout (if desired), while still providing a safe, low-impact workout for the muscles, joints, and bones.
There are many benefits of aqua bikes, including:
  • Improved blood flow — When underwater, the body is subject to hydrostatic pressure, which increases blood flow. This can result in being able to work out at a higher level for a longer period of time, as the muscles receive what they need more efficiently than on land, delaying fatigue.
  • Reduced soreness — While some muscle soreness is inevitable when starting a new workout routine, joint soreness doesn't have to be a part of getting in shape. The extremely low-impact nature of using an aqua bike allows the muscles to work hard with far less stress on the joints than a standard workout.
  • Low impact — During many types of cardiovascular exercise, the body's joints undergo significant impact, which can lead to pain and injury. Working out on an aqua bike provides a nearly zero-impact way to get a great cardio workout.
  • High caloric burn — Anyone who has spent an afternoon hanging out at the beach or in the pool knows how the water's resistance can make even the simplest movements difficult. Muscles have to work hard to push against the resistance of the water — much harder than they would work pushing against the air. This allows the body to burn up to 800 calories per hour of working out on an aqua bike.
  • Improved cardiovascular health — Exercising in the water lowers the heart rate, allowing you to work out at a high intensity while maintaining a low heart rate. This translates into greater athletic ability outside the pool, whether you're looking to step up your game as an athlete or just want to feel less tired going about your daily activities, working out on an aqua bike can help you get to your cardio goals.
  • Inclusive to all — If you're able to ride a stationary bike on land, you're able to ride a stationary bike in water. Even people who have injuries or muscle issues that stop them from enjoying riding a standard stationary bike may be able to get into the pool and work out on an aqua bike. When you want to work out in your pool at home, riding an aqua bike is an activity that you can take at your own pace, controlling your resistance and speed. With an aqua bike, you get the flexibility you need to change up your workouts according to your goals, whether that means taking your fitness to the next level or rehabilitating an injury.

Can I Aqua bike in my pool?

Adding a aqua bike to your home pool is easy and convenient. Your aqua bike won't have to take up permanent residence in your pool., aqua bikes are easy to move and store. You can enjoy your pool, bike-free, when you want, and place your aqua bike into your pool to transform it into your home gym when you're ready for your workout.
Not sure about how a aqua bike will work with your pool? Check out these guidelines to ensure that you can use an aqua bike in your particular pool.

What do you need to get started at home?

Ready to hop in the pool and give your first aqua bike ride a try? You'll want to keep a few things in mind:

Any swimsuit will work. Whatever you'd wear to swim laps in the pool, you can wear during an aqua bike workout, no special swimsuit necessary. The water's buoyancy stops the skin from chafing, so bike shorts and special padding aren't necessary.

Footwear is mandatory when using aqua bikes with cage pedals. There is a shoeless pedal option on the Hydrorider if you prefer. Reef water shoes are highly recommended as they allow water to drain away. Ordinary sneakers absorb water and add weight that can cause calf pain.Water shoes will allow you to keep a solid grip and support your feet on the pedals.


Trying to decide if a pool bike is the right fit for your home pool? We are happy to help!

If you're thinking about adding an aqua bike to your home pool but still have some questions, we're here! We know that it can be tough to try something new, and we're here to help you through anything that's holding you back. Reach out to us to ask questions or learn more about how a pool bike can be a great fit for your home pool.


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