Looking for a different way to challenge your cardio that ups the fun quota at the same time?

Have a blast with this underwater trampoline for your pool. The rebounder water trampoline absorbs the pressure of your body as you push down, while water resistance makes it hard to jump high for a fun but intense cardio workout!

A swimming pool trampoline is a fun and cool way to workout in summer and fun for the whole family.

Benefits of a water fitness trampoline

All Over Strength

Strengthen the muscles around the ankle, knees, hips, and lower back.

Burn Calories

A fun way to maintain weight or burn excess weight.

Co-ordination & Agility

A trampoline in your pool requires you to co-ordinate your arms and legs in water and adjust the position of your body accordingly for greater body awareness, balance and coordination.

Improves Blood Flow

The water’s hydrostatic pressure significantly increases blood circulation to energise your muscles so they don’t fatigue as quickly.

Drains Toxins

Exercising in water acts as a natural massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and helps flush toxins and fights water retention

Restores Joint Flexibility

Buoyancy allows you to move your joints in a wider range of motion than you could on land

Improves Cardio Capacity

Gets your heart rate up and your lungs pumping to develop your aerobic capacity

Can I use a water trampoline in my pool?

Pool Depth


Water Level between waist and chest

Pool Surface

All Surfaces

Tile, stone, pebble and pvc.

Pool Space

1M x 1M

A small water trampoline

Pool Water

All water

Chlorine, Salt & Magnesium

Need a little extra motivation?

We offer a range of training programs for underwater spin bikes designed to keep you motivated and moving towards your health and fitness goals. Just link your phone to your speaker and you’re good to go!

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