Get all the benefits of running and walking with less chance of injury.

Running in water on a swimming pool treadmill may seem unusual but water eliminates the shock impact of running and improves body balance and blood circulation. Immersed half-way up your chest in refreshing water, you have to actively move your legs against the water resistance while the foot is sliding over the rollers on the treadmill underwater.

Benefits of water running

Low Impact on Joints

Get all the benefits of a classic running training without the shock impact on the joints on an underwater treadmill.

Speed Recovery

Great way to recover faster after an event or intense training session

Enhance Toning

Tone your legs, sculpt your buttocks and strengthen your abdominal muscles

Improve Mobility

Strengthen your core muscles and improve body balance, mobility and flexibility

Burn Calories

Up to 700 calories per hours for better weight control

Improve Performance

Water resistance training helps improves your power and sports performance on dry land.

Can I water run in my pool?

Pool Depth


Water Level between waist and chest

Pool Surface

All Surfaces

Tile, stone, pebble and pvc.

Pool Space

1.2M x 0.8M

Pool Water

All water

Chlorine, Salt & Magnesium

Need a little extra motivation?

We offer a range of training programs for underwater spin bikes designed to keep you motivated and moving towards your health and fitness goals. Just link your phone to your speaker and you’re good to go!

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