FOW Fitness on Water is a great core workout that you can do on water

The pool fitness mat enables fitness on water. Not unlike a sup or surfboard, the continual movement of water creates destabilisation. Exercising on this aqua FitBoard improves your postural work, core and stabilising muscles. When combined with cardio it creates a HIIT workout that is challenging and fun. Alternatively, when combined with yoga or pilates moves it provides added challenge to these practices. Get onboard!

Benefits of water fitboard fitness

Improve Your Stabilising Muscles

Instability of the water forces you to engage your stabilising muscles and build core strength, all at the same time.

All Over Strength

Strengthen and tone your upper body, legs, core and arms

Improves Cardio Capacity

Gets your heart rate up and your lungs pumping to develop your aerobic capacity

Challenge Your Balance

Use it or lose it

Burn Calories the HIIT

Programme boost your metabolic rate to burn calories

Improve Your Flexibility

Buoyancy allows a greater range of motion to gently improve your suppleness

Can I use the water fitness mat in my pool?

Pool Depth

1.0M +

A minimum depth is recommended for safety on the aqua fitness mat.

Pool Space

1M x 1.5M

Pool Water

All water

Chlorine, Salt & Magnesium

Need a little extra motivation?

We offer a range of training programs for underwater spin bikes designed to keep you motivated and moving towards your health and fitness goals. Just link your phone to your speaker and you’re good to go!

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