Water resistance bands provide extra resistance to a workout for an added challenge.

Water resistance fitness exercise bands are a great low impact strength alternative to weights.
The elasticised stretch band adds load to the limbs to build lean muscle strength while engaging your core stabilisers.

Benefits of water strength training

Tone & Strengthen

Each position on the band exerts different levels of pressure for both upper and lower body training.

Stretch & Improve Mobility

Great way to help improve your flexibility and joint mobility.


Water resistance bands have been proven in aiding recovery and can be targeted to specific muscle groups

Improve Stabilising Muscles

The aqua exercise band creates an unsteady feel and forces you to target your stabilising muscles and build core strength.

Focus Your Control

Controlling the tension and release of the bands takes concentration.

Good for Compound Exercises

Band exercises are naturally geared towards compound movements that engage several muscles at the same time - can also be used for suspended buoyancy aqua exercises.

Protects Bones & Joints

Aqua resistance band exercises are low impact on joints but provide resistance that helps strengthen bones as well as muscles.

Can I do water strength in my pool?

Pool Depth


For use in shallow and deep water

Pool Space

1M x 1.5M

Pool Water

All water

Chlorine, Salt & Magnesium

Need a little extra motivation?

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