It’s low-impact meets high intensity.

A swimming pool exercise bike may seem strange at first but did you know that water is about 800 times denser than air? So when it comes to cycling this means an in pool exercise bike offers about 12 times more resistance than a land based bike. An exercise bike in your pool can burn up to 800kcal per hour.

Easy to set up and even easier to maintain, aqua bikes or pool spinning bikes offer a powerful workout that’s low-impact on the body, in the comfort of your own pool.

Benefits of a pool exercise bike

Burn fat fast

Thanks to the support and the pressure provided by the water on an underwater exercise bike, blood circulation is increased resulting in the elimination of fat. In fact, you can burn up to 800kcal an hour.

Improves Cardio Endurance

Your heart beat frequency is 10% lower in water, so you can work at a higher intensity with a lower heart rate for longer.

So long cellulite

Acting as a stimulating massage for the legs, water friction helps actively drain the lymphatic system, eliminating cellulite in the process.

Boost your blood flow

The hydrostatic pressure of water combined with movement actively increases your blood flow and circulation, energising your muscles and reducing the symptoms of tired legs.

Better for your body

Because water supports your body weight it’s kinder on your joints making it perfect for those with muscular, joint or weight issues, pregnant women, or anyone recovering from injury.

Sore no more

Thanks to its low-impact nature, your muscles are working effectively and efficiently reducing post-workout soreness together with the risk of injury or micro-trauma.

Sleep soundly

Exercise is a great stress-buster and when you add in the calming nature of water you have a powerful partnership that reduces stress and anxiety and improves your sleep.

Breathe easy

A good workout is built on your breath. The air and water work together to stimulate the blood flow and bring oxygen to your muscles increasing your capacity in a gentle way.

Bounce back faster

Water buoyancy lets you move your joints in a wider range of motion increasing your flexibility and promoting faster muscle recovery.

Can I use an underwater bike in my pool?

Pool Depth


Water Level between waist and chest

Pool Surface

All Surfaces

Tile, stone, pebble (except glass)

Pool Space


Space for arm movements as well as legs

Pool Angle

Adjustable for any incline

Height of both front & back is adjustable to accomodate any pool incline.

Pool Water

All water

Chlorine, Salt & Magnesium

Need a little extra motivation?

We offer a range of training programs for underwater spin bikes designed to keep you motivated and moving towards your health and fitness goals. Just link your phone to your speaker and you’re good to go!

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