How to choose the best AquaBike for your budget at home?

How to choose the best AquaBike for your budget at home?

Aqua cycling is an innovative and fun way to train whether you are just trying to get fit again or seasoned. It improves flexibility, posture, and cardio health. Working underwater offers added resistance that helps muscles relax and improves circulation. Not all water cycles are the same, though, and having the wrong one can completely change your experience. Put simply; it’s a great way to get fit and burn calories without putting stress on your joints. 

Aqua cycling is a low-impact option that just about anyone can do with the right equipment like a water bike. It's different than land biking, which uses levers and gears to control speed and resistance. An aqua bike utilises paddles and water resistance to create to give you a workout.  How do you choose a water bike, though? 

What is Aqua-Cycling?

First, a little about the sport: Aqua or water cycling is exactly what it sounds like — you pedal a specially designed bike underwater. That comes with all kinds of benefits because water adds resistance that is better for your joints. 

Water cycling provides you with a low-impact, full-body workout that improves blood flow but relaxes muscles. The result is an impressive calorie burn of about 800 kcal per hour, but without the risks of injury or pain that you might face cycling on land. It also allows you to have a high-intensity workout but without stressing your heart. The next step is to learn how to choose a water bike that is effective and right for your budget. 


How to Choose an Aqua Bike?

If you want to aqua cycle, you are going to need one of the best pool bikes around, but what features should you look for when buying? There are cheap models out there, but many don't offer durability or designs that are comfortable. If you are wondering how to choose a pool bike, here are some things to consider:
  • Paddle flywheel —  Some aqua bikes do not have a flywheel. They offer only a constant one-level resistance. A good aqua bike provides maximum speed and smooth resistance. That resistance comes from the flywheel. Hydrorider Pro-fix and Professional water bikes offer the deepest and longest paddle on the market. The deeper and longer the paddle, the stronger the resistance and the better the workout. 
  • Full handlebar adjustment — Height-only adjustments do not account for arms reach. Without being able to adjust the arms reach, you may strain your lumbar back. 
  • Full seat adjustment — Height-only seat adjustment accounts for height but does not allow for the vertical and horizontal positioning necessary to protect the knee joints. 
  • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel — Often, water bikes are aluminum or HDPE plastic PVC. Neither of these materials will last long underwater. Light-weight aluminum is also likely to shift underwater. Marine-grade stainless steel is built to withstand the pool environment with little maintenance. They are also environmentally friendly. 
  • Anti-skid rubber feet on the base - Suction cups tend to come loose. 
  • Wide Wheels on the base - Some water bikes come with thin wheels or without them completely. 
  • High-performance design — Some water bikes are clunky, especially the less expensive ones. That style is not hydrodynamic, and that makes it harder to ride. 

Buying a water bike is completely different from a traditional bicycle. The right water bike can make or break your workout. The trick is to find the one that meets your unique needs. Here are some water bikes that hit the mark.


Ready to Buy? Water Bikes Worth Considering

If you are ready to dip your toe in the water, here are some water bikes that worth looking at along with information on who might benefit the most from them. 


Hydrorider Easy-Line

The Hydrorider Easy-Line is an entry-level water bike, so it’s the right choice if you are just getting started as an aqua-biker. This bike is a good option for someone coming back from an injury or illness. It’s also a practical choice if you are looking to get fit and is not sure if aqua cycling is the right choice. It is the most inexpensive quality water bike available. 

On the Hydrorider Easy-Line, you’ll find anti-skid rubber feet at the base to keep it secure on most pool surfaces, including ceramic tile, mosaic, and PVC. It offers high-performance European styling that ensures fluid motions, continuous resistance while you pedal, and a fun ride. The bike is light enough that you can take it in and out of the pool yet sturdy enough to stay put as you ride. 

Key features of the Hydrorider Easy-Line:

  • Lightweight frame for easy transfer in and out of the pool. It is one of the lightest bikes available on the market. 
  • The bike has wheels that move, making it easier to move around in and out of the pool. 
  • The small frame is easy to store.
  • It offers continuous resistance as you pedal.
  • Profiles under the pedals determine the resistance level.
  • Good low-budget option 
  • Soft seat for a more comfortable ride. 


Hydrorider Pro-Fix

The Pro-Fix is the most popular Hydrorider aqua bike on the market. It is also one you can use to grow on as an aqua cycler, which makes it right for all fitness levels. This water bike features increasing resistance with increasing speed. It matches your fitness level at every stage. 

The Hydrorider Pro-Fix offers a four-paddle flywheel design for gradual changes in resistance. With vertical and horizontal adjustments of the seat and handlebars, it is easy to set to fit your height and arm reach to keep you safe and comfortable while you ride, too. The flexible adjustment setting also makes this bike right for all body types. And like all Hydrorider models, it has a soft seat for added comfort. 

The Hydrorider Pro-Fix provides European design and styling mixed with hydro-dynamic positioning and biomechanics. All-in-all, this is a mid-priced bike right for the person who wants to get fit. 

Key features of the Hydrorider Pro-Fix:

  • Gradually increases resistance as you get stronger. 
  • Resistance is determined by pedal speed. 
  • The largest central four-paddle flywheel on the market. 
  • Pedals provide a fluid motion. 
  • Fully adjustable frame. The seat and handlebars offer both vertical and horizontal adjustments. This flexibility means the bike fits any body size and type. 
  • Soft seat for a more comfortable ride 
  • European design and styling with hydro-dynamic positioning and biomechanics
  • Good mid-price option

Hydrorider Professional

The Hydrorider Professional is the athlete looking to cross-train. It offers athletes a way to improve their cardio endurance, stay fit if injured, and train more often without muscle soreness. It also provides faster recovery from events and intense training. The water supports body weight as the water improves cardio fitness and blood flow. 

The hydrostatic water pressure increases blood circulation, which energises your muscles. That means less fatigue, micro-damage to muscle fibres and connective tissue -- everything that causes the next-day soreness. The water cycle workout complements other training while relaxing and soothing muscles for faster recovery. 

The Hydrorider Professional offers the longest and deepest paddle on the market for maximum resistance. Even as you slow your speed, the intensity stays the same. If you want a more focused workout, increase the cycling speed to enhance the intensity without having to stop and manually adjust the resistance. 

Key features of the Hydrorider Professional:

  • Built for an athlete.
  • The long central four-paddle flywheel for a high-intensity workout
  • Three resistance levels that you can change on the flywheel paddles.
  • Fully adjustable frame. The seat and handlebars offer both vertical and horizontal adjustments. This flexibility means the bike fits any body size and type. 
  • European design and styling with hydro-dynamic positioning and biomechanics
  • Higher priced but with more features.
  • Soft seat for a more comfortable ride 


All three Hydrorider bikes are low maintenance and offer a comfortable riding style. The bases are adjustable to any include and pool depth. They come in a variety of seat colours, including black, yellow, red, green, orange, and midnight blue. 

If you are interested in aqua cycling, finding the right bike is one of the most important decisions you will make. Reach out to us, and we can help provide you with more insight on how to choose a water bike perfect for you. If you are unsure on how to workout on an AquaBike or need a little extra motivation ask about our annual and member programs.

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