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Water Workouts to Strengthen your Core Muscles

Pool exercises for core stability are an effective way to strengthen your body and improve your overall health. Learn more on how water workouts and clever aquatic equipment can help to strengthen your core muscles and stabilise your mid-section.

If you are looking to increase your core strength and take it to the next level, there are two key pieces of aquatic equipment you should consider adding to your workout regime; a Hydrorider RiderBand and a Hydrorider Floating Fit Mat.

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What are Aqua Resistance Bands (and how to use them)

Resistance bands are elastic bands that use resistance to cause muscles to contract. It’s that contraction that builds strength in the muscle. 

Aqua resistance bands are specially made for underwater while working out in a pool. Water adds resistance to your movement already. You increase lean muscle strength by adding additional load to the limbs with aqua resistance bands.
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Get more out of your pool: 5 pool exercises for a full-body workout
Is your pool being used solely for lounging on a pool float sipping a cold drink or napping? While they are certainly lovely ways to pass an afternoon in the pool, you’re missing out on some bigger benefits your pool offers you. Your own backyard pool can give you an amazing full-body workout beyond swimming laps.
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